Photos by Efe Ersoy
My name is Giovana Medeiros  I am a freelance illustrator from Brazil based in Lisbon. As it usually goes, I always enjoyed drawing one way or another, and when the time came to choose a career I intended to keep doing that. 
I studied Fashion Design and worked as print designer for textiles for a few years, but that was not enough drawing for me! So in 2011 after I moved to Dublin to study English for a year, I decided to go a bit further and got a Diploma in Illustration by BCFE.
Since 2015 I've been working as a freelance illustrator, and : I am always drawing. Always. I have worked on around 50 books for publishers around the world, as well as other miscellaneous projects such as advertising, textiles, games and apps.
Drawing is just second nature to me, I can say I do it almost daily. My visual obsessions vary from time to time, but some of the themes I like to explore on my illustrations are, people I see around, nature, birds, my trips, literature, and a little bit of magic.
Some of the clients I worked with include: FTD Education, Itaú Banking, Chronicle Books, Harper & Collins,Cottage Door Press, Zara, Oxford University Press, Hallmark, Auzou Editions, Usborne, Charlesbridge, Bloomsbury,Porto Editora, 
For publishing inquiries outside of Brazil and Portugal please contact my lovely Agent ADVOCATE ART

Thank you!
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