In 2023 I was invited by the publisher "Planeta", to take part in this beautiful version of "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - 100 extraordinary Brazilian women". It was an honor to work on these portraits, and be accompanied by many other AMAZING fellow Brazilian illustrators.
Working on portraits is always a different level of challenge. This is Ana Néri, she is considered to be the first nurse in Brazil. Since she was born in 1814, there weren't that many portraits of her available to work from.  But I tried my best to convey her expression, while also working on a colorful pop version.
Marilia Mendonça, was the queen of "Sertanejo" and she reinvented a genre mostly dominated by men. I didn't follow her career throughly, but I always knew she was a force to be reckoned with. She passed away very young, and I believe Brazil is still in mourning over it.I wanted to portray and remember her shining at her best, on stage, spotlights all on her, and of course singing. I felt very honored and emotional while working on this piece, and all I can hope is it does justice to her memory!
And these are some of the initial sketches!
Wonderful project to work on. It was Art Directed by Giulia Flamini, and the cover
is adapted from the original project by Cesar Innarella.
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