Every year the city of Lisbon , promotes this creative competition, to design an art that fits in the shape of a Sardine. This is part of the "Popular Saints Festival" in June, and the winning designs are printed out and spread around the city.

 I absolutely love the parties, how lively and colorful the city gets, and of course the smell of food all around. This is my submission from last year, and although my design was not one of the winners, creating this illustration was a blast. And my theme for it was of course THE FOOD!
As part of the festivals, tables are spread around the pathwalks/streets/squares, all over the city, and is very likely to share the table with other people. Is a very chaotic and beautiful moment of sharing table/food and public spaces. That is the feeling I was trying to convey with my illustration, in a wholesome and of course fun way!
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