I am extremely proud to share this book written by Laura Henry-Allain, that I illustrated.
Published by Ladybird Books/Penguim.
There is no one way to have a family and no right way to be a family. My Family, Your Family is a  non-fiction book that focuses on what makes a family, explores how different families come together and celebrates the idea that every family is unique.

It is an absolutely beautiful text, and I was incredibly challenging and rewarding to bring to life all of these characters, all of these families.
When I work on a project like when diversity is such an important part, my main concern is to make sure each character receives enough attention, shows a distinct personality through body expressions, and of course clothing! 
I try to achieve that by constantly watching and registering people around me, and for this book I used a lot of material from my sketchbooks.
My hope is that when a kid comes across the pages, they will at least see a little bit of themselves in it. It was an honour working on this project, and I am extremely grateful and proud of how it turned out!
More about the book here
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